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Hi there,

I’m Nadine // Founder of nj photographs // Portrait and Wedding Photographer.

Good that you’re here!

If photos are important to you, I am your person.

Photography is pure magic for me. With photos you can capture emotions and memories for forever. Photos set feelings free. Photos can move you. Sometimes they are like a time machine and catapult you back to a special event like your wedding celbration or bring you to a special person.

This is why I love photography and why I want to create memories that you can treasure forever.

Enjoy exploring my site.



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I am a photographer‭ ‬with my‭ ‬heart‭ ‬and soul‭. ‬

Originally From Munich // Currently Living In Zurich // Totally In Love With A Cat // Studied And Worked In Marketing // Lived In The UK // Addicted To Coffee and Dark Chocolate // David Bowie Fan since 1986 // Freestyle Yogi

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